How to get the most from being in lockdown.

Lock down can feel differently for everybody and can bring many challenges to navigate that we have never really had to explore before. One of the positives I have found in lock down is that I had time, time to explore new things, time to slow down and reflect, time to reasses my goals, dreams and desires. I realised I often used time as an excuse (well lack of) and now I had nothing but. I asked myself how can I use this time to my advantage, how can I make this time count, how can I come out of lock down a better person?

I invite you to ask yourself the same question.

Here are some ideas that you could explore during this lockdown period.

Dream journal.

This is perfect for someone who might not have a clear vision for the future. Take out a piece of paper and write down everything that you have ever wanted to do, try, be, learn. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, there is no limits here nothing is impossible, just dream. 

This exercise opens your mind up and allows you to just dream without judgement and without limits. See what comes up for you? Can you see any themes that come up for you? Do you notice your core values shining through?

Remember your dreams arent random, they are yours for a reason try explore them, they can often align us with our purpose.

Create a long and short term vision.

Take out a piece of paper and ask yourself these questions...

In 5 years time what do I want my life to look and feel like?

In 3 years time what do I want my life to look and feel like?

In 1 year what do I want my life to look and feel like?

Jot down everything that comes to mind and visualise the results in your mind. 

Now that you have your vision make a plan for the steps you will need to take in order to achieve each or your goals. 

Create a vision board. 

Got goals, create a vision board as easy reference to what it is you are working towards. This can be filled with words, pictures, symbols anything that reminds you of your goals or outcomes. Have fun with it. Vision boards can be a really creative fun experience.

Practice a new skill or hobby.

As woman we hardly ever priorities time to learn something new for ourselves, lockdown is the perfect chance to take up that hobby you have always wanted try. I taught myself how to do digital art which had been such a fun experience for me, and probably something that had I not had this time, would probably have never really explored. 

Get deep into your self care rituals.

Now is a perfect time to explore some self care practices like journaling or meditation, breathe work or self hyponosis. 

Learn something new.

You can learn just about anything online now days. Find a topic you are passionate about and learn, learn, learn.


As shitty as this time in lockdown can seem there are many ways to pass the time and also make it count for something. Remember it ok to not be ok and to feel a range of emotions, but I invite you to try some of these activities to keep your mind busy in positive and productive ways.



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