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This march I am setting myself a challenge all in the name of charity. Alongside some other amazing people I will be pushing myself to run the distance of a marathon (42kms) but doing it over a month. One of my big goals in life is to run a marathon so this is a great place to start. If you have followed me on Instagram you will know that this year is my year to physically push myself outside of my comfort zone and to do more things that I don't think I can do. Proving myself wrong and breaking those limiting beliefs. Well this is just one way in which I can do that. But to make the most difference I will also be collecting money for the cancer society and this is where you beautiful person can help. I figure if I can get 300 people to donate $1 then I would hit my $300 target. I know that any amount of money will make a difference to this charity so I will be so grateful for anything you can donate. To donate click here





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